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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Through the teeth, past the gums....

Through the teeth.  Past the gums.  Look out stomach, here it comes!

That's my dad's go-to toast for anything mildly alcoholic.  Or carbonated.  Or just wet.  He usually follows it up with an enthusiastic "Mmmm.  That goooood booze."  Yes, my father is one ink color shy of being a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  But since this blog is going to be all about the Mmmmm-ness of good booze, it seems like an appropriate way to begin.

My goal is to introduce you to amazing craft beers and interesting wines, both local to the Chicago area and from around the world.  I'm hoping to help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of not just drinking something, but drinking something wonderful.   I know what it's like to walk into a liquor store and spend twenty minutes staring desperately at a wall of bottles, only to walk out with something random because I liked the label.  And let me tell you, labels rarely taste as good as quality alcohol (I'm looking at you, Yellow Tail.)  There was a time when trying to figure out what drink to serve with dinner was enough to make me wish for the 21st Amendment to be reinstated for at least one more night.  I also used to be that girl who all bartenders hate.  You know, the one who would take forever to figure out what she wanted only to finally just get a cranberry and vodka.  Again.  (At least I've always been a great tipper.) 

And then I discovered that there is a whole wide world of  alcohol out there beyond anything that has "Bud" or "Two Buck Chuck" in the title. And suddenly the gates of heaven opened up.  Angels with mugs of Left Hand Milk Stout and cherubs with wine glasses of  2009 Altos Los Hormias Malbec greeted me.  OK, maybe I just got a subscription to Food & Wine instead, but you get the picture.  I started educating myself by reading about beer & wine.  I began to check out tasting events.  And I asked questions of anyone who would talk to me.  And some who really didn't want to talk, but eventually gave in anyway.

Wine, beer and spirits should be fun.  They should be adventurous.  And most of all, they should be tasty.  And remember, I drink so you can drink better.